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Completing your Uniform: Feature


You will need to purchase a few items to complete the uniform.  See below for details.

Bodysuits + Boyshorts

Your child will need a bodysuit under their uniform.   There are two bodysuit options.  Choose whichever option you feel is best for your child.  It is not necessary for you to purchase both. Your child will need a pair of boyshorts under their uniform also.

Full Bodysuit

Cropped Bodysuit

Color: Black

Color: Black


Color: Black

Cheer Shoes

Your child will need cheer shoes.  There is no particular kind that needs to be purchased, but please make sure they are tennis shoes and not white canvas boat shoes.  The shoes  need to be all white and comfortable for your child to move in.  Omni cheer and Amazon both have cheer shoes and if you believe your daughter will be a flyer we recommend getting actual cheer shoes.

No-show Socks

No-show socks should be white and not visible (or barely visible) when the cheer shoes are on.  No particular brand of socks is required.

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