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Cheerleaders are expected to arrive at practice in appropriate clothing.  Shorts, t-shirts, yoga pants and other similar clothing types are perfect.  Most important, your child should be comfortable and able to move freely.  Please try to avoid clothing that is slick or slippery as this can make stunting more difficult.  Anyone with long hair should have their hair pulled up out of their face. 


Please make sure your child wears or brings their cheer shoes to practice.  In the rain or snow, it is best that cheer shoes be carried into practice if possible.   It will be hard for them to stunt in wet shoes. 


Fingernails should be cut down and jewelry should be left at home. This is a safety precaution and protects the kids from getting scratched or cut from fingernails or jewelry when stunting.  


You may want to send your child with a water bottle, especially during outdoor summer practices  Most indoor practice locations have a drinking fountain as well.  No chewing gum during practice please. 

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